What is FitFood?

Why FitFood?

How does it work?

Is there any shipping cost?

Do you have a branch where we can pick the food up from?


Are the meals freshly prepared?

Can I change ingredients in a particular meal?

Are your meals salt free?

Are your meals suitable for Gluten-Free & Lactose-Free diets?

Do your meals contain any preservatives?

Where do you source your ingredients?

If I choose a menu pack or a menu plan can I change the meals in the pack?

Preserving Meals

How do I store my meals?

What is the best way to heat my meals?

How long do your meals last?

Can I freeze my meals?


What is FitFood subscription?

How to sign-up for subscription?

Is it compulsory to create an account?

How do I manage my subscription?

How do I edit my subscription?

Could I change meals in my subscription?

Are there any initiation or cancellation fees?

Can I cancel my subscription?


Where do you deliver to?

How do I know if my address is rural?

When can I expect my order?

How to track my order?

What is if no one is home when the courier arrives?

Are my meals safe to be transported?

Is your packaging recyclable?

Can I pick up meals?

Can I get meals on different days than your current schedule?