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Breakfast is on the Fitfood menu, and two new vegan treats

Posted by Jason & Karen Olliver on

It’s breakfast time at Fitfood! You asked for it, and now we’re delivering it, literally: Fitfood granola. It comes in a two-serving package and is perfect for a grab-and-go breakfast to suit your lifestyle. We’ve also introduced two new vegan desserts, and packaged them up with the Fitfood Vegan Boysenberry Cheesecake in a convenient 3-pack.

Here’s a run-down on Fitfood’s latest.

Berry Granola

Our granola is baked to perfection for a tasty breakfast cereal that gives your body a great start to the day. This is Fitfood’s house-made Berry Granola with oats, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, dried berries, berry compote and coconut yoghurt. Order your Berry Granola here

Raw Raspberry Slice

Chuck these in your lunch box for a plant-based treat that really satisfies. A delicious vegan dessert – raspberry and coconut on a raw almond and date base, topped with a dark chocolate ganache. Order a 3-pack of Raw Raspberry Slices here

Vegan Choc Caramel Nut Bar (Snickers alternative)

A change-up from the usual Snickers bar – creamy caramel smashed between a raw cookie base, and topped with dark chocolate and crushed peanuts. Order a 3-pack of Choc Caramel Nut Bars here

Vegan Dessert 3-pack

The best of all Fitfood’s vegan sweet treats, in one delicious pack. Includes the Raw Raspberry Slice, Vegan Choc Caramel Nut Bar, and our Vegan Boysenberry Cheesecake. Order the Vegan Dessert 3-pack here

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