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Eating for health and happiness in lockdown

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Thanks to scientific research, we know that certain foods affect our health – both our physical health and mental health. While you’re spending a lot of time at home somewhat cut off from your network, there are some small changes you can make to your diet to keep healthy. Couple these diet tips with regular exercise – if you can’t get out to walk or run around the block, then Google some bodyweight exercise routines that don’t need any special equipment.

Snack discipline

It’s easy to keep wandering into the kitchen and grabbing whatever’s lying around, especially if you’re bored. Set yourself fixed meal times and stick to them. If you love a good snack, then allow yourself a cheat bite a couple of times a week – just don’t let it get out of control.

Swap out the carbs

Especially if you’re more sedentary than usual, you should try to limit how many complex carbohydrates and sugars you’re eating. These are difficult for your body to break down and can contribute to weight gain. Some people also find carbohydrate-heavy meals like potato, bread, pasta and rice feel heavy in their stomach after eating.

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Hit up the protein

Instead of carbohydrates, get into a good dose of protein. Protein helps develop muscle, and it can even help you produce the hormones that make you feel happy. The best thing is, protein comes from delicious sources like fish, beans, meat and eggs.

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Fat is your friend

The days of fat being the enemy are long gone. We now know it is a great source of energy, and fatty foods tend to be delicious. Enjoy in moderation.

Fitfood’s Za’atar Spiced Fish Pie, Indian Butter Paneer, Frittata, Satay Chicken and Beef Lasagne are all great sources of healthy fats.  

Get your vitamins

Research has shown that vitamin D, which you skin produces when it gets plenty of sunshine, may help regulate mood. Your body can get some vitamin D from oily fish, red meat and egg yolks.

Some Fitfood meals with red meat include the Family Beef and Mozzarella Pie, Smoked Beef Brisket, and Lamb Mousakka.

And remember to exercise regularly!

Little and often is just as good as – if not better than – saving it up and going for a massive blat.

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