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Fight food waste

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Did you know us Kiwis throw out 157,000 tonnes of food every year? That’s enough food to fill 271 jumbo jets, and it costs us $1.17 billion each year. 12,000 tonnes of this is meal leftovers, and nearly a third of it is those wonderful delicious vegetables that we love so much at their prime.

All this waste is pretty bad for the planet. When food ends up in landfill it decomposes without oxygen, releasing methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. Also, the more food we waste, the more we need to produce. Right now, 25 million acres of land is deforested each year to create more space to grow food – despite the fact we’re already producing enough food to feed the whole world’s population.

Fitfood can help you reduce your food waste, while also eating super-healthy, locally-sourced meals. All our meals are portion controlled, which has two main benefits: it helps us avoid overeating, which is one of the main reasons people put on unhealthy amounts of weight, and it means you shouldn’t be throwing out any leftovers. That’s great for your wallet, and great for the planet. You can order Fitfood meals and use them for work lunches, quick weekend lunches at home, and all your dinners.

Our boxes, meal trays, bubble foil wrap, and ice packs (once drained) are all completely recyclable. What’s more, if you’re near our offices in Rangiora, you can drop your used packaging back to us and we’ll clean, sterilise and re-use them.

Why not try a spring food waste challenge? For a month, try to produce as little food waste as possible. Fitfood meal packs can do a lot of the work for you. It’ll feel so good to see that barely-used bin at the end of the month.

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