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Five great evening adventures

Posted by Jason & Karen Olliver on

With the arrival of spring we’ve got more daylight for epic after-work adventures. Fitfood meals come chef-prepared, and only take a few minutes to heat up in the microwave, so they’re perfect for active evenings when you’re spending your time outdoors. Here are five of our favourite evening activities, guaranteed to get your tummy rumbling for a delicious Fitfood meal.

1. Take an evening beach dip

It might not be warm enough yet to stay in for too long, but there’s nothing more revitalising after a long day at work than a fresh swim at a warm beach as the sun goes down.

2. Head out for a run on your local trails

Trail running is a favourite of the Fitfood team because it’s engaging for your brain and well as your body. You’ll be busy taking in the sights or breathing in fresh bush air while also watching your steps on the uneven terrain, so you won’t even realise how much work you’ve put in.

3. Join an orienteering event

Most major New Zealand cities either have permanent orienteering courses set up in their regional parks, or have an orienteering club that runs events in the evenings. These events are great for all levels. You can do them in groups or by yourself, walk the course or race your heart out.

4. Take up plogging

Get fit, get outdoors and save the planet! Originating in Sweden, plogging is a cool new sport where you head out for a jog and pick up any rubbish you pass. Picking + jogging = plogging. Aotearoa will love you for it.

5. Get stuck into gardening

Just an evening spent out in your garden can be an adventure. Adults, experiment with fantastic flowers or start planting your summer vege. For some fun with kids, find a sunny spot and plant sunflower seeds, and see if they can get the flowers to grow taller than they are.


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