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Give the family cook a night off from the kitchen – the healthy (and cost-effective) way

Posted by Jason & Karen Olliver on

Great news! Fitfood family meals are a way to feed your whole family restaurant-quality food, without the restaurant price tag.

We know very well that sometimes parents just want a night off from cooking for the family, but the convenience of heading out for a meal hardly seems worth it when you’re handed the bill. Eating out or grabbing takeaways for your family can also leave you wondering just how much sodium, sugar and saturated fat was in what you just consumed.

Fitfood has the solution all wrapped up like a genie in a bottle: Our Family Meals. These bad boys are not only easy, quick AND healthy, but they cost less than $7.50 per person for a family of four. They also use less packaging than individual meals. Tick, tick, and tick!

Convenience doesn’t have to mean sacrificing either nutrition or top dollar. With a couple of Family Meals in the fridge, you’ll have yourself covered for those nights when you just can’t face the kitchen – and for those with a full fit lifestyle, we’ve got Family Meal Packs to keep your whānau fed for five nights a week with a variety of delicious and nutritious meals. There’s a selection of our most popular dishes to choose from, and you can bet the family will be just as delighted as you are.

Family Classic Beef Lasagne – A premium beef mince base with plenty of veggies and tasty seasonings including parmesan, Worcestershire sauce, oregano and rosemary.

Family Roast Beef & Seasonal Vegetables – You can’t go wrong with this Kiwi classic, complete with our chef’s healthy house gravy.

Family Roast Chicken & Seasonal Vegetables – Chicken roasted perfectly for tenderness and flavour, served up with roast corn, potato, carrot, pumpkin, yams, parsnip, cauliflower and broccoli.

Family Mac 'n' Cheese – A crowd favourite, this meat-free meal packs a flavour punch, and is served with a side of healthy garlic bread.

Family Indian Butter Chicken – One of Fitfood’s most popular dishes, sized up for the whole family. The authentic Indian restaurant experience complete with rice and garlic naan – without the bad stuff.

Family Meal Pack - 5 Meals for 4 People – Five easy meals to get your family through a week of dinners. Never get bored, never stress about what to cook. A weekly delivery containing family-sized portions of Indian Butter Chicken, Classic Beef Lasagne, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Roast Beef with Seasonal Vegetables, and Roast Chicken with Seasonal Vegetables.

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