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New Fitfood meals include vegan cheesecake and family meals for a healthy lifestyle

Posted by Jason & Karen Olliver on

Exciting news on the Fitfood meal front! We’ve been inventing in the kitchen and there are some delicious new meals on offer. Here’s a run-down on Fitfood’s latest.

Boysenberry Cheesecake

The headline item for plant lovers with a sweet tooth, this vegan cheesecake is made with coconut oil, nuts, fruits and seeds.

Order the vegan Boysenberry Cheesecake here

Feta, Tomato Relish and Spinach Omelette (breakfast option!)

Light and fluffy omelette filled with relish, feta cheese and spinach, with roast spuds on the side. Designed for dinner but we reckon it would make the perfect post-workout brekkie.

Order the Feta, Tomato Relish and Spinach Omelette here

Chicken and Mushroom Stroganoff

This mouth-watering creamy chicken goodness is served with fusilli pasta, and it’s available in individual and family sizes.

Order the Chicken and Mushroom Stroganoff here

Beef & Mozzarella Pie

A New Zealand favourite made with stretchy Italian-style cheese. Hearty beef cooked in red wine with cherry tomatoes, and available as an individual or family meal.

Order the Beef & Mozzarella Pie here

Curried Sausages with Mustard Mash

Bangers and mash with a difference. These delicious Cumberland sausages are cooked in a curry sauce with nutritious vegetables, served with a side of smooth and tangy mustard mash. Individual meals and family-sized meals available.

Order the Curried Sausages with Mustard Mash here

Satay Chicken

Take a culinary trip to Southeast Asia with this flavour-packed satay dish. It’s gluten friendly, dairy free and served with a side of filling rice noodles.

Order the Satay Chicken here

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