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New menu: Family meal packs

Posted by Jason & Karen Olliver on

Eating healthy takes some effort when there’s just one or two of you, so what about when you’ve got a whole bunch of hungry mouths to feed? How do you keep everything nutritious when you’re feeding a hungry family on a busy parenting schedule?

Here at Fitfood, we’re busy parents too, so we know how important convenience is - and that’s why we created out new Fitfood Family Meals.

  • They’re more cost-effective than buying single Fitfood meals for the whole family - each meal feeds four for less than $7.50 per person.
  • They use less packaging than individuals meals – we’re all about reducing as well as recycling.
  • They’re super easy to heat up in one go.

We hope they’ll make it super easy for busy parents and kids to eat healthy, delicious and nutritious meals as often as possible.

Here’s what’s on our new menu:

Family Indian butter chicken

Aromatic golden chicken pieces in an incredible creamy curry sauce with a hint of honey. This Butter Chicken recipe is like the tastiest takeaways done healthy, served with garlic naan and aromatic basmati rice.

Family classic beef lasagne

You can't beat lasagne for a fast, healthy, and satisfying meal, which has been freshly cooked by our chefs. Premium grass fed angus beef mince from Canterbury cooked in a bolognese sauce, layered with fresh pasta sheets and bechamel sauce, and served with a side of seasonal vegetables.

Family roast chicken and seasonal vegetables

A traditional Kiwi favourite to suit the whole family. Roast chicken served with delicious seasonal veges.

Family mac ‘n’ cheese

A traditional macaroni and cheese, served with a side of garlic bread for the whole family to enjoy.

Family roast beef and seasonal vegetables

A traditional Kiwi favourite to delight the whole family. Tender roast beef served with seasonal veges.

Order family meals now.

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