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Treat yo self: Fitfood desserts have landed

Posted by Jason & Karen Olliver on

It’s dessert time at Fitfood! We believe everyone deserves a treat, and we’ve launched a brand new menu of convenient, ready to heat and eat Fitfood desserts: Sticky Date Pudding, Chocolate Brownie with Berry Coulis, and Apple Crumble.

The most successful healthy lifestyle is one you can sustain. A big reason why many fad diets fail is because they’re too hard to stick to – too much restriction, not enough enjoyment. We all need to find a happy middle ground that balances healthy living with convenience and pleasure, because, let’s face it, depriving yourself of all the things you enjoy is a fast ticket to falling off the wagon.

A lot of people talk about the 80/20 rule of eating – 80% of what you eat should be high-quality nutritional food, and the other 20% can be eating stuff that might not be quite as nutritious, but makes you feel good.

In the spirit of maintaining that all-important pleasure in our lives, we’ve introduced a range of desserts that tick the convenient and delicious boxes! Add a couple to your next Fitfood order for even more variety. Go on…  treat yourself.

Sticky Date Pudding

This Kiwi classic is fluffy, rich and comforting with a delectably sweet butterscotch sauce. Keep the napkins handy for this one.

Chocolate Brownie with Berry Coulis

Chocolate and berries – what a winner. Our gooey, fudgy brownie is dark and satisfying, with the beautiful sharpness of the berries to offset the sweetness.

Apple Crumble

Homey, crowdpleasing and made mostly with apples – this delicious, subtly spiced apple crumble is topped with oats and almonds.

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