Meal Plan Subscription Menu

Healthy eating just got even easier!
Our Meal Plan Subscription Menu offers you the choice to have pre-made meals delivered automatically every week with no hassles or remembering to order plus you save money!
No contracts! Cancel anytime before 6pm of your chosen charge day.
Skip orders! You manage your deliveries in your Fitfood account.
You choose! You select your meals each week or let us pick your selections for you!
Choose your charge day for when you would like your delivery -
Monday - early week delivery
Thursday - mid/late week delivery
In order to be able to manage your subscription you must start an account with Fitfood.
First order payments are processed immediately and shipped according to our ordering/delivery then following subscription orders are processed on your next selected charge day for the corresponding weekly delivery.
Check your upcoming order dates in your Fitfood account.
Please note subscriptions orders are processed through a special checkout, meals and products from our other menus will require a separate checkout.

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