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Storing & Heating Fitfood Meals
Please store your Fitfood meals in the fridge as soon as possible after receiving. Fitfood meals are designed to be eaten fresh or are perfect for freezing. Please eat meals containing salads first. Salads cannot be frozen. It is safe to reheat meals in the trays as all materials are BPA-free.
Follow these five simple steps
Our meals will taste best if they are heated from fresh, either in the microwave and oven safe food tray provided or placed on your own dinner plate. Follow these simple steps:

1. (If you have frozen your meals) Defrost meals in the refrigerator overnight before reheating. This will make it quick and easy to reheat your meals.

2. If your meal includes a separate container of sauce then remove before heating. You can either add this to the meal before heating so it heats through with the meal or do it separately in the micorwave for approximately 10 seconds. Many of our sauces can be served cold if that is your preference. Do not place the sauce container in the oven.

3. For microwave heating, open film seal slightly or punch small holes in the film seal (remove any sauce containers). Then place in the microwave for approximately 2 - 3 minutes (depending on microwave strength & density of meal). Check the meal is heated through fully, and if required heat for longer until the meal is piping hot.

4. For conventional oven heating, firstly pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. Remove the film seal completely from the meal. Place on an oven tray and cook for approximately 20 minutes. To prevent meal drying out we recommend covering the meal with tin foil and heating for longer.

5. Your meal is now ready to eat direct from your container or plate.

Some heating tips and bits from Fitfood:

- Microwave heating is the most convenient heating method however you can heat your meals in a conventional oven. The containers are designed to be used in a conventional oven also, but the plastic film must be removed. Note a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees is best for the containers to ensure they don't melt.
- Some vegetable items are cooked only slightly as they will cook further when reheated.
- Our meats, depending on the type of meats, are cooked to a certain level, so they do not dry out & become overcooked when reheated.
- Salad items are not recommended to be frozen. We recommend you eat any meals you receive with salad first.
- At times we have items on our menus that we would recommend be reheated in a conventional oven, not a microwave. For example kumara fries, potato wedges and roast potatoes. For these types of items we recommend they be spread onto an oven tray so they crisp up, ready to be eaten.
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