Storing & Heating Fitfood Meals
Please store your Fitfood meals in the fridge as soon as possible after receiving. Fitfood meals are designed to be eaten fresh or are perfect for freezing. Please eat meals containing salads first. Salads cannot be frozen. It is safe to reheat meals in the bags as all materials are BPA-free.
Follow these six simple steps
1. (If frozen) Defrost your meals before reheating. Put your meals in the fridge the day before eating. This will make it quick and easy to reheat your meals.

2. Cut off a corner and heat the bags for approximately 90 seconds. Once defrosted, take your meal and remove the packets from the container. Cut a corner off to prevent pressure build up. Place your protein and carbs/vegetables upright in the container and heat for 90 seconds. Leave the sauce aside until later.

3. Halfway through heating, remove the bags and move the food around to help distribute heat evenly.

4. Heat sauces for the last 10 seconds. Many of our sauces can be served cold. If you would like to heat your sauce, place it in the microwave for no more than 10 seconds.

5. Cut the bags completely open and drain any excess liquid. Some foods, especially fish and vegetables, will release water during heating. Drain any excess liquid from the bag before serving.

6. Serve your meal in the container or on a plate. Heating times may vary depending on your microwave, so be sure to check this the first couple of times to determine your ideal reheating time. To heat meals from frozen, it will take 3-4 minutes. Remove the bags after 90 seconds and shake the contents of the bags (grip bags on opposite corners and shake) to evenly distribute food, and then return to the microwave for a further 90 seconds. Repeat if necessary. If your bag has expanded during reheating, you can make a small hole in the bag to prevent it from expanding and potentially rupturing in the microwave. Shake sauce containers well after heating.
Microwave Heating
Microwave heating is the most convenient heating method however you can heat your meals in a conventional oven if you need to heat more meals at the same time, please make sure to remove all plastic packaging then simply place on an oven proof dish to heat through.

Fitfood meals can also be heated in the bags in a saucepan with heated water on top of a stove or element and the sauce can be heated through in a separate saucepan however please do not bring to the boil as this could impair the flavor.
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