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As New Zealand’s premier healthy meal preparation company, we are 100% New Zealand owned and operated. We source the best ingredients to prepare, cook and deliver healthy meals anywhere in New Zealand or you can opt to pick them up in store instead. Since our meals are cooked you simply reheat, eat and enjoy!
Our Food
Our meals are designed by health conscious chefs where the focus is on healthy wholefoods. They are then prepared & cooked using only healthy cooking methods. Our meals are designed to be low fat (good fats we allow!), low sugar (we don’t add sugar to anything, only naturally occurring sugars that already exist in the food allowed). All our meals use Free Range meat and whenever possible we use organic produce with the end goal to one day be fully certified organic.
Have dietary requirements?
We have meal options! Whether you're vegan, gluten free, dairy free, Paleo, etc. we have something here for you! Though it is important to note that we are a facility that uses tree nuts, dairy and gluten so if you do have a serious allergy then there is a risk due to cross contamination.
Our meals come fresh not frozen!
A top notch meal experience is provided using modified atmospheric and vacuum packaging technology, locking in the freshness!
Who is Fitfood for and how does it benefit?
To put it simply our meals are for everyone and anyone who wants a great tasting healthy meal! Healthy food does not have to be boring or tasteless and they can be convenient with Fitfood! We believe in healthy balanced lifestyles not restricted extreme lifestyles with diets that will end up being unsustainable so whether your goals are weight loss, lean muscle gain, maintenance and your counting calories or tracking macros or just healthy living we have plenty of options for you! Fitfood saves you time and money, let us take the hours to organise, prepare and cook so you can take seconds to prepare then enjoy. How would healthy convenience benefit you and your family? Fitfood offers people more time to work hard or do the things you love while staying healthy instead of resorting to unhealthy food, with Fitfood there can always be a healthy and nutritious meal available in the fridge that is ready to be reheated in seconds and enjoyed!
Our Menus
We have different menus to choose from where you can choose to purchase any number of meals or packs as required, or your can try our subscription meal service with no contracts and cancel at anytime! Our meals are perfect for lunches and dinners and because of our unique packaging you can take them anywhere.
Delivery Schedules
We can deliver twice weekly.
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Storing & Heating Meals
Fitfood meals are cooked.
Simply reheat & eat.
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