6 Pack Meal Selection

Create your own healthy 6 meal box and choose the meals you would like to have delivered each week! When its time for a change simply login to your Fitfood account and pick new meal selections!

Payments are processed on your selected charge day either Monday or Thursday after 6pm.

Choose your charge day for when you would like your delivery -

Monday - Tuesday delivery each week

Thursday - Friday delivery each week

We recommend you make your first order on the day you would like your first delivery to arrive and choose the correct charge day - Monday for a Tuesday delivery OR Thursday for a Friday delivery so your orders are in sync as we always ship your first order according to our ordering/delivery schedule.


Please check our delivery page for more delivery information.

Please note this is a subscription product that will be automatically charged and delivered to you each week! You must create an account on the Fitfood website (click here to create an account) to manage your subscription so you can simply choose new meals,skip orders or cancel anytime before 6pm of your selected charge day each week.