Modern Paleo Pack

Modern Paleo Pack

Fitfood's take on the Modern Paleo Diet, based on modern Paleo Experts nutritional advice that meals can contain Potato and Rice, the modern Paleo principles being that meals should be simple, unprocessed, wholefoods.

5 Modern Paleo meals accompanied with Paleo friendly Raspberry Vinaigrette

Roast Beef
Beef, Garlic Mash, Broccoli, Raspberry Vinaigrette
Regular Kj:1500 Cal:358 Protein:39.4g Fats:9.7g Fats(S):2.6g Carbs:21.6g Sugars:3.1g Sodium:106mg Sauce Cal:107

Extra Protein Kj:2240 Cal:535 Protein:71.1g Fats:15.2g Fats(S):4.5g Carbs:21.6g Sugars:3.1g Sodium:149mg Sauce Cal:107

Chicken & Kumara
Chicken Breast, Kumara, Raw Slaw Mix, Raspberry Vinaigrette
Regular Kj:1500 Cal:358 Protein:34g Fats:7.9g Fats(S):1.8g Carbs:30.6g Sugars:14.9g Sodium:119mg Sauce Cal: 107

Extra Protein Kj:2140 Cal:511 Protein:63g Fats:11.8g Fats(S):3g Carbs:30.6g Sugars:14.9g Sodium:165mg Sauce Cal:107

Beef Salad
Beef, Cauliflower Mash, Corn Cob, Raspberry Vinaigrette
Regular Kj:1770 Cal:423 Protein:40.8g Fats:15.8g Fats(S):3.4g Carbs:19.4g Sugars:11.8g Sodium:258mg Sauce Cal:107

Extra Protein Kj:2520 Cal:601 Protein:72.5g Fats:21.2g Fats(S)5.2g Carbs:19.4g Sugars:11.8g Sodium:301mg Sauce Cal:107

Chicken, Pumpkin & Raw Slaw
Chicken Breast, Pumpkin, Raw Slaw Mix, Raspberry Vinaigrette
Regular Kj:1320 Cal:315 Protein:34.3g Fats:8.8g Fats(S):2.0g Carbs:17.6g Sugars:14.3g Sodium:102mg Sauce Cal:107

Extra Protein Kj:1960 Cal:468 Protein:63.4g Fats:12.7g Fats(S):3.2g Carbs:17.6g Sugars:14.3g Sodium:148mg Sauce Cal:107

Chicken, Pumpkin & Corn on the Cob
Chicken Breast, Roast Pumpkin, Corn Cob, Raspberry Vinaigrette
Regular Kj:1670 Cal:399 Protein:37.2g Fats:11.4g Fats(S):2.2g Carbs:27.8g Sugars:17g Sodium:194mg Sauce Cal:107

Extra Protein Kj:2300 Cal:549 Protein:66.2g Fats:15.4g Fats(S):3.4g Carbs:27.8g Sugars:17g Sodium:240mg Sauce Cal:107