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5 easy tricks for a healthier lifestyle

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Life is busy. Work, family, mates, jogging, gym, appointments, eating. It’s hard to keep ahead of it all and look after your health at the same time. Here at Fitfood, we’re all about lifestyle. Whether you’re a triathlete, a worker pulling long shifts, a personal taxi service to two kids, or Instagram’s next #fitspo model, you need to fit life into your busy schedule.

We’ve asked around and found a few tips that can help you maintain your healthy lifestyle without adding hours to your routine.


1. Walk one extra

    You already walk some places, that’s just part of life. You walk to the kitchen, the bathroom, the letterbox, the car, the bus stop, the local café, up the stairs, around the office, around the supermarket, and so on. Whenever you walk somewhere, just “walk one extra”. Walking to the bus stop? Keep going to the next one and take your bus from there. Do an extra lap of the house. Walk one flight of stairs higher than you need to, then come back down. Walk the supermarket aisles again in reverse to see if you missed anything. You can easily add 10% or more steps to your day.

    2. Pre-shower sweat

      You’re about to wash it off anyway, so do some quick bodyweight exercises before you get in the shower. Look up a good routine online (there are plenty out there) – you can easily work up a sweat in five to 10 minutes with exercises like push ups, sit ups, squats, burpees and lunges. As a bonus, the shower will feel extra good when you’re done!

      3. Buddy up

      Convince your partner, sibling or friend to join you in your healthy lifestyle mission. Check in with them every day to see how they’re doing and ask them to do the same with you. The best part about this is it helps keep you social – an important factor in any healthy lifestyle! They also might help keep you motivated to eat right and exercise when you’re just not feeling it.


      4. Soda water, not snacks

        You probably already know that often when your body cries out for snacks, it’s actually thirsty. Keeping a bottle of water on hand can help stave off the urge to eat something naughty. What you might not know is that soda water gives your body a “fuller” feeling than water, and contrary to popular belief there are no known downsides to drinking fizzy water instead of normal water. It might even help you beat your craving for fizzy drinks!

        5. Eat convenient

          Yes, we’re biased. But honestly, if you want to shave hours off your weekly schedule and still eat healthy then it’s hard to do better than a Fitfood meal subscription. It only takes two minutes in the microwave, or 20 in the oven to heat up our meals. And they are all designed by our team of nutritionists and chefs to include healthy fresh wholefoods, and no nasty stuff that will compromise your wellbeing. Check out our menus and find the meal combination to help you live your best life.

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