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How portion-controlled meals help to lose weight?

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NZ Ministry of Health defines obesity as “an excessively high amount of body fat (adipose tissue) in relation to lean body mass.” There is evidence that obese children and adults are at greater risk of short-term and long-term health consequences.

NZ health survey 2017/2018 reveals that around 1 in 3 adults (aged 15 years and over) are obese (32%) and the adult obesity rate

We all know the health risks of being obese both for adults and children. If obesity is not controlled it may lead to diseases like high blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance, and cancer, etc.

One of the effective methods to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight is portion control.

What is portion control?

In simple words, portion control means limiting the size of the meals we are consuming daily to avoid overeating. We overeat in a lot of circumstances like when in a restaurant or a party while watching TV etc… This overeating leads to obesity and makes us prone to health risks.

You could see the NZ Ministry of Health healthy eating tips and the four food groups by them here.

What are the benefits of portioned controlled meals?

Some of the benefits of portion-controlled meals are:

  • Weight loss – High-calorie food with less or no physical activity leads to weight gain and if we are consuming high-calorie food regularly there are high chances of us being overweight. Eating limited food helps us in reducing more than required calorie intake which helps us in losing weight or maintain a healthy weight.
  • Better Digestion – With portion-controlled meals, the digestive system is not overloaded. It also helps in preventing indigestion and discomfort caused by eating large portions.
  • Balanced sugar level – Improper eating increases the risk of high blood sugar level. This can lead to insulin resistance. Small meals help in controlling those glucose level and help the body to function properly.
  • Long term change – Once we develop the habit of healthy eating and portion control it will stay with us and will help us in maintaining a healthy weight.

How to control meal portions?

Following tips will help you in portion control:

  • Using small plates to eat
  • Read food labels
  • Measure food
  • Drinking water before food
  • Avoiding eating food in front of the TV
  • Share your meals in the restaurant
  • Eat veggies

At Fitfood NZ we offer portioned controlled meals and you could view our popular weight management menu and low carb menu to see meals options available to you.

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