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Potatoes: the unexpected hero for gut health

Posted by Jason & Karen Olliver on

When we think of foods that are great for the gut, we probably think of things like probiotic yoghurt, fermented food and leafy greens, but the humble white potato can also do wonders for your inner workings.

Spuds are actually pretty great, full of nutrients like potassium (even more than a banana), vitamin C, magnesium and many others. And now we’ve got yet another reason to enjoy this versatile and affordable tuber – it’s been directly linked to benefitting the gut.

Nutritionist and author Lindsay Boyers breaks down the benefits of potatoes for gut health in her book Gut Health Hacks. According to Boyers, the starch in potatoes is resistant to digestion, which means it travels to your large intestine and acts as a probiotic, AKA food source for your essential gut bacteria. It also helps create fatty acids that protect the gut lining and prevent harmful substances from leaking into the bloodstream.

This is all great news for potato lovers, and we here at Fitfood love an excuse to embrace the spud. Try our Curried Sausages with Mustard Mash for a gut-friendly dinner bursting with flavour; Chicken with Crushed New Potatoes is a delicious classic from our Weight Management menu, and our rich and spicy Bell Pepper Shakshuka comes with a side of gourmet potatoes ready to heat, eat and enjoy. You can also load up on roast spuds as a side dish in one of our Protein and Side Dish combos.

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