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What is the keto diet, and is it good for me?

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Fitfood has a selection of meals made with keto recipes and suitable for people on the popular ketogenic diet. We wanted to give you a bit of information to see if keto is right for you and your lifestyle goals.

So what is this keto business?

The Ketogenic diet almost completely cuts carbohydrates from the menu, and instead focuses on fuelling your body with fats. Your body metabolism reacts to this by entering a state called “ketosis” where it becomes very efficient at burning fat to supply you with energy.

What are carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates, or carbs, are a group of sugars, starches and fibres that are often found in fruits, certain vegetables, potatoes, rice and legumes. You’ll find refined carbs in things like bread, pasta, pastry, and anything with sugar in it.

Why eat keto?

The main reason people choose the ketogenic diet is weight loss. Managed with a healthy lifestyle and exercise, eating keto can help people burn fat. Keto meals are filling, so the diet doesn’t involve starving yourself or counting calories.

Many bodybuilders and athletes use variations of the keto diet to keep their bodies supplied with protein and energy.

Evidence also shows the keto diet can be helpful in managing type 2 diabetes. It helps keep blood sugar levels at a consistent and low level which can reduce the need for insulin. It is essential to get information from a doctor before attempting to use the keto diet to manage diabetes.

Does keto food taste bad?

Absolutely not! One thing that makes meals delicious is the fat content, and keto is all about good fats. Keto meals tend to have lots of meats, dairy, nuts, and superfoods such as broccoli and spinach.

Fitfood’s keto diet is designed by our nutritionists and chefs to taste amazing while hitting all the necessary nutrient profiles.

Where do I go for more information?

Keto diet is a commitment. Fitfood can help you by providing prepared keto meals for lunches and dinners, but to maintain a state of ketosis you need to understand the principles of the diet and what you can and can’t eat and drink for all your meals and snacks.

There is a heap of information on the internet about keto, and some of this information is not very reliable. For a run-down on the diet, we recommend the Healthline website. You can also read well-researched books such as Keto Diet by Dr. Josh Axe.

If you are serious about the keto diet for sport or health treatment, the best thing you can do is consult a nutritionist.


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