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Fitfriend Q&A: Alexandra Patchett

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Alex got in contact with us in May to tell us how Fitfood had helped her to lose 10kg since making a lifestyle change at the start of the year. She’s a regular at F45 Training Henderson in Auckland, and a regular eater of Fitfood Weight Management meals. We were inspired by her fit lifestyle journey and wanted to find out more about this amazing Fitfriend.

Thanks for talking to us Alex. Can you start by telling us what a normal day looks like for you?

Normal day for me is getting up nice and early and smashing out an F45 workout with my “F45 fam” a group of girls I’ve built a friendship with, so workouts are lots of fun!

Then it’s off to work, I’m a jeweller, so I’m sitting at a bench all day making high-end jewellery. This means I need to make sure I’m fuelling my body with good nutritious food, so I’m clear-headed and focused, and giving my body just the right amount of food so I’m not storing excess food as fat from sitting all day.

How do Fitfood meals fit into your lifestyle?

Fitfood weight management meals have been my go-to for the past six months. They keep me on track as I feel satisfied after each one. They are convenient and right there ready to go in the fridge, which stops me from making bad takeaway meal choices and having “snaccidents” haha.

How is your health important to you, and what steps do you take to balance health and lifestyle?

Health is really important to me now as I’ve got older, as I want to look after my body, so it functions well and doesn’t let me down.

Working out at least five times a week helps to keep my muscles strong and joints mobile, so I don’t become susceptible to injury and weak.

I really love looking after my body with fueling it with healthy foods.

I started to compare my body to an orchid... you wouldn’t water your orchid with a bottle of Coca-Cola. Fuel the body with the right foods, and it will blossom! Cheesy, haha, but it’s something that has stuck for me.

What Fitfood meal will you never get tired of?

My favourite Fitfood meals are the fish cakes with slaw, or pumpkin and broccoli. I never get sick of them! Please make sure they make a comeback on the menu!

What do you love about Fitfood?

The thing I love about fitfood meals is that they are convenient and keep me on track, they are the same price as a takeout meal, but you know you will look and feel good after eating them.

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure... chilli flakes... lots of chilli flakes! I love spicy food.

Thanks! You can follow Alex on Instagram @alexandrapatchett

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