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Change up your routine with Fitfood meal packs

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Routine is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Get into a good groove, do the activities that make you feel good, and fit healthy meals into your schedule – then repeat until it becomes habit.

At Fitfood, we do what we do because we know it’s hard to eat healthy all the time. The idea behind Fitfood is saving you the hours preparing good food, not to mention buying the ingredients and planning, preventing you having to eat something unhealthy when you haven’t got the time or the ingredients to make a good meal.

One of the best ways to get a routine and eat healthy is to get on board with Fitfood meal packs. These themed packs of six dishes make it easy for you to pick up a mix of delicious meals and have them handy for lunches and dinners. No need to eat the same thing every day, and you’ll have the comfort of knowing there’s always something tasty and healthy in the fridge ready to heat and eat.

A great place to start is with the Lifestyle 6 Pack, a selection of classic favourite dishes including lasagne, pulled pork and butter chicken. The Indian Lifestyle 6 Pack is also super popular, and for good reason, with flavour-filled hits such as chicken biryani and beef vindaloo. Check out the new addition to the menu, the Weight Management 6 Pack. We also have speciality packs for those who follow specific diets, including the Keto 6 Pack and Vegan 6 Pack. Check out all our meal pack diet options on the Set Meal Packs page.

The best part is, with eight meal packs to choose from, you can find your favourite style or mix it up from week to week – just log in and update your subscription or order on a casual basis when needed. And if you want to build your own pack you can always try our Build-a-Box weekly subscription.

Fitfood meal packs

Lifestyle 6 Pack

Vegetarian 6 Pack

Vegan 6 Pack

Weight Management 6 Pack

Gluten Friendly 6 Pack

Low Carb 6 Pack

Indian Lifestyle 6 Pack

Keto 6 Pack

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