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The simplest rules for clean eating

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Eat food, not too much, mostly plants: The opening seven words of Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma kick-started the clean eating movement. After years of research into how to eat for your health, he distilled his findings into those three simple instructions.

Eat food

When he said “eat food”, he meant real food – vegetables, fruit, whole grains, fish and meat. The food we create in the Fitfood kitchen stands up to the clean eating test – we use whole foods for a bunch of reasons: they help naturally increase your energy because they’re absorbed into your system for maximum benefit. They’ll naturally give your body all the vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients you need to fuel an active, healthy lifestyle, and they’re great value – so you can get gourmet meals delivered to your home without compromising on great ingredients.

Pollan tells us not to eat anything our grandmother wouldn’t recognise as food, and don’t eat anything that won’t eventually rot. There are a few exceptions, honey, for instance, but as a rule, things that don’t go bad aren’t food. And finally, don’t buy your food where you buy your petrol.

Not too much

Always leave the table a tiny bit hungry, according to Pollan. Many cultures have rules that encourage you to stop eating before you’re full. In Japan, they say eat until you’re four-fifths full, and in Germany, there’s a saying that means “tie off the sack before it’s full”.

Fitfood meals are portion-controlled, so you don’t need to decide when to tie the sack off yourself. If your goal is to maintain a healthy diet, then our Lifestyle packs are a great choice. They’re our most popular meals, all made with real food and proper nutrition in mind. If you’ve got a weight loss goal, our Weight Management meal packs are great. They’re designed with whole food ingredients and allow you to track your calories and meet your macro-nutrient needs.

Mostly plants

While vegetarianism and veganism are great for our bodies and the planet, omnivores can also up their plant intake without cutting out meat completely.

At Fitfood, you can pick a build-a-box weekly subscription, where you choose the meals you want each week. To follow Pollan’s advice, try picking two meat meals and five from our extensive vegetarian selection. We’ve curated these for our dedicated vege-loving subscribers, so you can be sure they’re as delicious and nutrient-packed as the meat meals.

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